… from easy to difficult

180 exercises and obstacles from rope bridges to shaky nets and flying foxes, some of them at a tree height of 20 metres (65ft) wait to be mastered by you.

Test your climbing skills, overcome physical limits and experience the forest from a new perspective.

The Rope Forest Park has something for every age and height:

  • dwarf course: 35cm (1ft) in height for every age free of charge
  • 5 easy (blue) courses: up to 7m (22ft) in height, from a height of 110cm (3ft 7in)
  • 5 medium (red) courses: up to 10m (32ft) in height, from a height of 130cm (4ft 3in) 
  • 4 difficult (black) courses: up to 20m in height, from a height of 150cm (4ft 11in)


    Equipment you will need while climbing:

    • closed shoes (shower sandals are not allowed)
    • comfortable clothing (no skirts)
    • long hair needs to be bound together
    • whole equipment is offered by Waldseilpark
    • you are not allowed to use your own equipment
    • there are no coatrooms, just a handsome lockers are available
    • we recommend to stow your stuff safely in a backbag or a belly bag
    • We provide the necessary equipment (helmets and belts), as well as  you will get an instruction in the use of the Smart Belay technics. 


    First of all you need to read and sign our conditions of participation, which you can download Initiates file downloadhere


    Children need to be accompanied by adults. 

    In harmony with nature

    Sustainability has been taken care of: All stations are attached to existing trees by means of a special technique - the trees are not damaged. Nothing stands in the way of a trip to the scenic Viennese Forest in harmony with nature.