… from easy to difficult

135 exercises and obstacles from rope bridges to shaky nets and flying foxes, some of them at a tree height of 20 metres (65ft) wait to be mastered by you.

Test your climbing skills, overcome physical limits and experience the forest from a new perspective.

The Rope Forest Park has something for every age and height:

  • dwarf course: 35cm (1ft) in height for every age free of charge
  • 5 easy (blue) courses: up to 7m (22ft) in height, from a height of 110cm (3ft 7in)
  • 5 medium (red) courses: up to 10m (32ft) in height, from a height of 130cm (4ft 3in) 
  • 4 difficult (black) courses: up to 20m in height, from a height of 150cm (4ft 11in)

    In harmony with nature

    Sustainability has been taken care of: All stations are attached to existing trees by means of a special technique - the trees are not damaged. Nothing stands in the way of a trip to the scenic Viennese Forest in harmony with nature.